Cantonese Ministry 廣東話事工~服事廣東話群體

    The Cantonese Ministry of Kowloon International Baptist Church exists to reach church members and families of church members who prefer Cantonese language. Members are active in various Bible Studies and ministry events on weekdays, as well as Sunday mornings.


    The Cantonese Ministry has four primary ministry goals: 主要的四個方向

    Learning 學習

    We have two Cantonese Bible Study classes every Sunday, and two Cantonese Bible Study classes on weekdays, available to Cantonese speakers—in order to understand God’s Word, become biblically equipped and be committed to Christ. Evangelism classes and discipleship classes are available on a one-on-one basis.


    Growing 成長

    We facilitate authentic fellowship through different luncheons, activities and retreats, which welcome and encourage brothers and sisters.

    不定期的團契活動,讓弟兄姊妹在主裡互相建立。‭ ‬

    Walking 同行

    We provide opportunities to practice our faith in Hospital and Elderly Ministries, so that all members are able to serve and walk in Christ.


    Caring 關懷

    We develop meaningful mission trips outside Hong Kong that show care toward all people and demonstrate God’s grace in word and deed.



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